Weber Q 240 Indoor Electric Portable Grill Review (Upd. 2018)

Weber Q240 Electric Grill

UPDATE: This grill has been replaced with updated model Weber Q2400.

The Weber Q240 grill specifically cater to those people who have limited home space, either those residing in the city or living in apartments, but still want to enjoy the benefits of having a griller right at the comfort of their homes.

This electric grill does not require gas or charcoal to heat up, so it is a lot safer to use even in cramped living space.

So if you are looking for a grill that will surely fit your lifestyle and home, then the Q240 Electric Grill (model #592001) is definitely worth checking out.



What sets the Q-240 apart from other Weber BBQ grills is its size. It is so compact that even with limited space, placing and using it won’t be hard. If you are living in an apartment, this is a perfect griller to get.

Aside from its compact size, it is also electric. With this, you do not have to gas it up to make it work making it very safe to use, but still gives you the same grilling flavour.

Cooking Area

happy cooking with Weber Q 240 bbqWithin its 280 square-inch cooking area, you can be ensured that the heat is maintained evenly in the griller since it features a porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates. This also helps creating beautiful and yummy-looking sear marks.

Added to that, you can expect to have a consistent cooking temperature every time since it features heat retention liners.

User Interface

Backing up its powerful grilling capability is its user friendly interface. Its electric control has infinite heat settings, serving the most fragile fish to the most hardened steak.

There is also a removable drip pan underneath the griller for easy replacement or cleaning. Aside from that, it also features six foot grounded cord, providing you a safe power connection if you opted to grill outdoor.

Customer Reviews

Users, especially those living in the city, give this awesome Weber barbecue a high recommendation. Its size is just perfect for easy placement at home, but still brings the same power and flavor that people expect from a bbq.

They also like that it did not need fuel or gas to start, making it very safe to use. Aside from that, easy operation and cleaning get several praises from users. Overall, people are very satisfied with this barbecue.

Comparison – Weber Q140 vs 240

Comparison - Weber Q140 vs 240

Weber Q140 vs Q240

There is only one difference between Q240 and Weber Q140/Q1400 Рit is the cooking area size and overall grill dimensions.

Q140 Specifications

  • Cooking area size – 189 sq in = 8 hamburger patties
  • Overall grill dimensions – height 23.5 in / width 27 in / depth 20.5 in

Q240 Specifications

  • Cooking area size – 280 sq in = 11 hamburger patties
  • Overall grill dimensions – height 26 in / width 31.5 in / depth 25.1 in

Weber Q2400 vs Q240

As you can see in the comparison table below the key features are basically the same. The new Q 2400 model features updated design,  including more ergonomic side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles, larger grip handle and control knobs .

Comparison review coming soon.

 Weber Q240
Weber Q2400
Cooking area280 square inches
Cooking gratePorcelain-enameled cast-iron
Drip panRemovable
LinerAluminum heat-retention liner
Dimensions27in x 25in x 26in31.5in x 25in x 26in
Weight40 lbs42 lbs
Warranty5-year limited warranty

Weber Q 2400 vs Q1400

Stay tuned for detailed comparison of Weber Q 2400 vs Q1400 grills!