Weber Q2400 Review – Electric Portable Grill Reviews (Updated May 2019)

In the many years that I have been hosting parties in my own house, I have realized the importance of having great food to make my guests satisfied.

If you are wondering what specific brand and model I am using, it is the Weber Q2400 electric grill.

In this case, I make it a point that I serve them with nothing but the best foods, most of which were prepared on my own. I am happy that my friends love the grilled meats and vegetables that I serve them.

To be assured that they will like the grilled culinary delights that will greet them during the parties that I organize, I use nothing but the best electric barbecue grill.

Weber Q2400 55020001 Electric GrillCheck Price

The model that I am currently using is replete in terms of features that make it a cut above the rest.

Even if it can prove to be more expensive than other models, I can guarantee you of its ability to be provided with the best value for your money.

The Weber Q2400 grill just like its predecessor, the Weber Q240 specifically caters to those people who have limited home space, either those residing in the city or living in apartments, but still, want to enjoy the benefits of having a griller right at the comfort of their homes.

This electric grill does not require gas or charcoal to heat up, so it is a lot safer to use even in cramped living space.

So if you are looking for a grill that will surely fit your lifestyle and home, then the Weber Q2400 electric grill is worth checking out.



grilling meat, corn on the cob, onions and garlic on Weber Q 2400 bbq

Weber Q2400 Features

In a market that is abundant when it comes to alternatives in this product category, the Weber Q2400 Model 55020001 electric portable grill stands out from the rest.

Reputable Brand

The brand name in itself is already an assurance that the BBQ will not only meet but even exceed your expectations.

The many years of experience the manufacturer has allowed them to develop great grills that are able to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to its users.


Among the different features that made this model highly recommended, one that I would like to emphasize is its sturdiness. It is made of cast aluminum body and lid. To add, it also has glass-reinforced nylon frame. These are just some of the things that will provide you with confidence in its long-term functionality.

Heat Retention

Besides, this model of an electric barbecue is also known for its excellent heat retention, which is most probably made possible by the aluminum heat retention liner. This is an important thing so that your grilling is consistent. This leads to the even distribution of heat that will make sure that whatever is grilled will be well-cooked and that no parts will be over or undercooked.

Cooking Area

Within its 280 square-inch cooking area, you can be ensured that the heat is maintained evenly in the griller since it features a porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates. This also helps to create beautiful and yummy-looking sear marks.

Added to that, you can expect to have a consistent cooking temperature every time since it features heat retention liners.

Simple Controls

Backing up its powerful grilling capability is its user-friendly interface. Its electric control has infinite heat settings, serving the most fragile fish to the most hardened steak.

Compared to the other models of electric BBQs from this brand, this unit is basic, which means that it is not elaborate in terms of functions. This will make a good choice if you are looking for a product that is simple, yet of high quality.

There is also a removable drip pan underneath the griller for easy replacement or cleaning.

Aside from that, it also features six foot grounded cord, providing you a safe power connection if you opted to grill outdoors. So, in fact, this is a perfect Weber indoor-outdoor electric grill.


What sets the Weber Q 2400 apart from other Weber BBQ grills is its size. It has a height of 26 inches, a width of 31.5 inches, and a depth of 25.1 inches.

It is so compact that even with limited space, placing and using it won’t be hard. If you are living in an apartment, this is a perfect griller to get.

Aside from its compact size, it is also electric. With this, you do not have to gas it up to make it work making it very safe to use but still gives you the same grilling flavor.

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill Review

Upon reading the reviews that have been shared by the people who have used this product in the past, one thing that I noticed is that many were happy with the fact that it is portable.

This makes it easy to be brought even during your trips, such as when you are hiking. Regardless of where you intend to use such, you will not have any problem in having it brought along.

More so, many of the people were also happy with infinite heat control. This means that you will be provided with the flexibility to choose the level of heat that is desired. This will highly depend on the food that you are grilling, and also on how you would wish it to be, such as if you want it well-grilled.

Lastly, customer feedbacks were also positive with regards to its ability to accomplish grilling in a snap. I assume that this is because of its 1,560 watts of power that makes it able to tackle a wide array of grilling needs.

Users, especially those living in the city, give this excellent Weber barbecue a high recommendation. Its size is just perfect for easy placement at home, but still brings the same power and flavor that people expect from a bbq.

They also like that it did not need fuel or gas to start, making it very safe to use. Aside from that, smooth operation and cleaning get several praises from users. Overall, people are delighted with this barbecue.

Weber Q2400 vs Q1400

If you have a hard time deciding which Q Series Weber electric grill best fits your needs, here is a quick comparison of the two current models.

 Weber Q1400Weber Q2400
Cooking area189 square inches / 8 hamburger patties280 square inches / 12 hamburger patties
Cooking gratePorcelain-enameled cast-iron
Drip panRemovable
LinerAluminum heat-retention liner
Dimensions (lid open)23.5in x 27in x 20.5in26in x 31.5in x 25in
Weight29 lbs40 lbs
Warranty5-year limited warranty

As you can see, there is only one difference between Q2400 and Weber Q1400 – it is the cooking area size and overall grill dimensions.

You can also say that the Q1400 is hotter because it packs the same amount of Watts in smaller cooking area.

Weber Q240 vs Q2400

If you have arrived at this review when searching for Weber Q240, please keep reading. The Q240 model has been discontinued by Weber and replaced with the Weber Q 2400 model.

Are there any differences between these grills?

As you can see in the comparison table below the key features are basically the same. The new Q 2400 features an updated design, including more ergonomic side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles, larger grip handle and control knobs.

Specifications Chart

 Weber Q240
Weber Q2400
Cooking area280 square inches
Cooking gratePorcelain-enameled cast-iron
Drip panRemovable
LinerAluminum heat-retention liner
Dimensions27in x 25in x 26in31.5in x 25in x 26in
Weight40 lbs42 lbs
Warranty5-year limited warranty


Cart For Weber Q2400

Weber 6525 Q Cart for Grilling, BlackWeber 6525 Q Cart for Grilling, BlackCheck Price

Now that you have made up your mind that Q-2400 model is the right choice for you and are ready to buy Weber Q-2400 electric grill, I suggest that you also consider purchasing the Weber Q 6525 Cart.

This will provide you with a stable space where the smoker can be placed. Since it has wheels, this will also help in having the unit moved from one place to another, such as from the kitchen to the outdoor patio.

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The weatherproof grill cover is an important accessory if you are planning to store your electric barbecue outdoors.

Weber has designed a cover that specifically fits the Q2000 Series grills – the Weber 7111 grill cover.

Pros and Cons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weber Q2400 how many burgers can you cook?

You can cook up to 6 standard size or 8 smaller burgers simultaneosly.

How hot does the Weber Q2400 get?

The 2400 gets up to 500 degrees but there is no way to control it unless you use wireless thermometer. Weber electric grills do not have built-in temperature gauges.

What is the difference in the Weber Q 1400 and the Q2400?

Here is the comparison.

How to clean Weber Q2400?

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    Weber doesn’t advertise the Weber Q2400 as an indoor grill. Nevertheless, the temptation to cook indoors always exists with electric grills. Don’t do it ! If you cook indoors, the Weber will produce so much smoke that it may set off your fire alarm. Even if your fire alarm doesn’t go off, your home is now going to smell like smoke. Keep the grill outdoors, it can withstand the elements.


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