Weber Summit Grill Cover Guide | BBQ Covers For Summit 400 | 600 | Silver | Gold

Do you need a new cover for your Weber Summit grill? Please keep reading to learn which Weber Summit grill cover will fit your Weber portable bbq!

Here is the current Weber Summit cover model lineup!

These covers fit stand-alone (NOT built-in) Weber Summit grills.

Part #DescriptionLWH
7108Weber grill cover for Summit 400 series - 420, 460 and 47066.8


7109Weber grill cover for Summit 600 series - 620, 660 and 67074.8


Weber grill cover for Summit Grill Center91.1


Weber Summit 400 Series 420 | 460 | 470 Grill Cover

The Weber 7108 cover fits Summit 400 series 4 burner grills that are approx 66 in long.

Weber 7108 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Summit 400-Series Gas GrillsWeber 7108 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Summit 400-Series Gas GrillsCheck Price

Compatible models:

  • Summit E-420
  • Summit S-420
  • Summit S-450
  • Summit S-460
  • Summit S-470

Compatible discontinued models:

  • Summit Silver A | B | D
  • Summit Gold A4 | B4 | C4
  • Summit Platinum A4 | B4 | C4

Weber Summit 600 Series 620 | 660 | 670 Grill Cover

The Weber 7109 polyester cover fits Summit 600 series 6 burner grills that are approx 75in long.

If you have previously bought cheap grill cover for Summit grill, it was likely made from plastic and become hard and brittle after a couple of years. Very annoying even if you did not pay a lot.

Now you should not worry about it. The new cover is no longer made of plastic, but of durable polyester fabric. It is not only durable but also soft and easier to put on the grill.

Weber 7109 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Summit 600-Series Gas GrillsWeber 7109 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Summit 600-Series Gas GrillsCheck Price

The original Weber Summit 670 grill cover can be quite pricy. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, the Kingkong 7109 is a great Summit BBQ cover with outstanding customer reviews.

Compatible models:

  • Summit E-620
  • Summit S-620
  • Summit S-650
  • Summit S-660
  • Summit S-670

Compatible discontinued models:

  • Summit Gold A6 | B6 | C6
  • Summit Platinum A6 | B6 | C6

Weber Summit Grill Center Cover 7561

The Weber 7561 fits the largest Sumit grill, the built-in Weber Summit Grill Center.

Weber Summit Grill Center Cover 7561Weber Summit Grill Center Cover 7561Check Price

Weber Summit Silver | Gold | Platinum Covers

The original Weber covers for old Summit Silver, Gold, and Platinum have been discontinued, but you can use the current 7108 and 7109 covers.

Please scroll up and check compatibility information.

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