Weber Q Grill Cover Review & Guide – Weber Q1000 | Q1200 | Q2000 | Q2200 | Q3200

Do you need a new cover for Weber Q grill? Please keep reading to learn which Weber Q grill cover will fit your Weber portable bbq!

You can choose between several covers for your portable grill. It depends if you will use the grill separately or on the cart.

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Part #DescriptionLWH
7110Weber grill cover for Baby Q / Q100 / Q1000 / Q1200 / Q140026,317,3
7111Weber grill cover for Q200 / Q2000 / Q220032,2
7112Weber grill cover for Q300 / Q3200 and Q2000 / Q2200 when used with Weber Q Cart 652556,6
7113Weber grill cover for Q1000 / Q1200 / Q1400 / Q2000 / Q2200 when used with Weber Q Cart 6557

Original Weber Q Grill Cover Models

Weber 7110

Weber-Stephen Products 7110 Bonnet Cover Q1000/100Weber-Stephen Products 7110 Bonnet Cover Q1000/100Check Price

The Weber 7110 Grill Cover will get your Baby Q covered (pun intended) when it comes to keeping your appliance safe from outside wear and tear and elements.

The Weber Q1200 cover is constructed from vinyl, proving to be very durable. Within the cover, there is a storage bag that always comes in handy.

I definitely think that a quality Weber portable grill cover is a good investment if you want your barbecue to last a few extra years.

And then there is a second cover model, the Weber 7113 (scroll down to see it) that fits Q 1000 and Q 2000 grills hooked up on the Weber Q Cart 6557.

Compatible models you can use with the Weber Baby Q Cover 7110:

Here is one thing to note if you have the Q1200 grill. It is taller than the Q1000 to fit in the thermometer. Because of that, the Weber 7110 cover does NOT FULLY cover the Q-1200 grill. The cover does not fit over the gas control knob. People have tried to force it over the knob. The result? The cover presses on the knob and causes the release of propane gas. I recommend to look into other alternatives that will fit the Q1200 model better, for example, Unicook cover.

Weber 7111

Weber has designed a cover that specifically fits the Q2000 Series grills – the Weber 7111 grill cover. Please ignore the cover name mentioning gas grills as it fits all Q200 and Q2000 series grills, including electric models.

Weber 7111 Grill Cover for Q 200/2000 Series Gas GrillsWeber 7111 Grill Cover for Q 200/2000 Series Gas GrillsCheck Price

Compatible models:

If you are looking for the Weber Q2200 cover, 7111 model is the right choice. According to several users, it also fits the Nexgrill tabletop grill perfectly.

If you are wondering if this cover fits over the controls, the answer is no, it does not. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to leave the controls exposed. But why?

Weber 7112

The Weber 7112 grill cover with a storage bag is designed for Weber Q3200 barbecue with a cart. If you were searching for Weber Q3200 cover, this is the one you are looking for.

It can also be used with a Q2000 series grill if it is mounted on the same large Weber 6525 cart. If you have your Q2000 grill mounted on the portable Q cart, this cover will be too large and flimsy. Please check out the Weber 7113 cover below.

I noticed that the 7112 cover features a fastening strap you can attach to the bottom part of the cart to avoid getting it blown away.

Weber 7112 Q 2000 and 3000 Series Grill Cover with Storage Bag, 56.6 x 22 x 39.3 InchesWeber 7112 Q 2000 and 3000 Series Grill Cover with Storage Bag, 56.6 x 22 x 39.3 InchesCheck Price

You can still find online the old Weber Q cover designed for Q300 – the Weber 6553 Premium Cover for Weber Q-300 Grill.

Compatible models:

Weber 7113

The Weber 7113 grill cover with a storage bag is designed for Weber Baby Q 1000 and Q2000 series grills for use with the Weber portable 6557 cart.

Weber-Stephen Products 7113 Grill CoverWeber-Stephen Products 7113 Grill CoverCheck Price

Compatible models (all used together with Weber 6557 Portable Q cart):

  • Q 200
  • Q 220
  • Q 240
  • Q 2000
  • Q 2200
  • Q 2400
  • Baby Q
  • Q 100
  • Q 120
  • Q 140
  • Q 1000
  • Q 1200
  • Q 1400

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