Weber Q 140 Portable Electric Grill Review

By | August 8, 2013

Weber Q 140 Portable Electric Grill Review

UPDATE: This grill has been replaced with updated model Weber Q1400.

The Weber Q140 is a great electric barbeque grill to use because of its ease of use and ergonomic design.

You can place your grill anywhere in your backyard or on balcony, plug it and you’re ready to cook your meat. This Weber barbeque takes up a small cooking area – 189 square-inches – and that is why I think that it is best for people who have limited space at home.

If you are looking for an amazing electric grill to use at home, this product is definitely for you. Its great features will allow you to cook your meat to perfection.

There are several reasons you would chose an electric grill. One is lack of space – this electric bbq is perfect for people with limited space.

Actually there are 2 Weber Q140 barbecue models on the market – Model 526001 and Model 522001. Soon I am going to have a look at both models and find the differences.

Overview and Features

Its small cooking area does not compromise the quality of cooking. It can produce the temperatures matching those of a gas grill because of Weber’s innovative use of reflective surfaces.

Another reason to use electric bbq is ban on gas grills. These days gas grills are banned from many condos and apartment complexes but fire marshals are OK with using bbq like this one.

The Weber 526001 barbeque  features an aluminum heat retention liner, a cast-aluminum lid and a glass reinforced nylon frame and it is finished in a cast-aluminum with titanium color. Because it is made out of sturdy materials, you can be sure of its longevity.

Q140 also features an infinite heat control settings so that you can adjust the temperature of your grill depending on your preference. It also comes with a removable catch pan so that you can easily clean up any drips from the meat you are grilling.

Simple Use and Easy Cleanup

Weber Q140 Electric Grill Aside from the fact that it is built using quality materials and that setting it up is fairly simple, in my opinion what makes the Weber Q140 a good BBQ to use is because it is easy to clean.

Not only can you get rid of drips thanks to the removable catch pan, you can also easily lift off the grilling surface and place it straight in your sink or dishwasher.

However, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not Q140 grill is able to bbq steak to perfection? The answer is yes.

Not only that, you can also be able to achieve a great smoky flavor to your steak. This happens when you close the lid as the smoke accumulates inside the bbq and it adds that distinct taste to the meat.

Grill operates on 1560 watts and 120 volts. It has a 6-foot grounded cord so that you can move the machine around easily.

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Weber Q 140 vs 240

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