Best Grill Cover For Weber Genesis E330/E310/S330/EP330 And Other Large Gas Grills (Updated October 2018)

When you have bought and set up your large gas grill, you will soon realize that you have to start shopping for the best grill cover for Weber Genesis as quickly as possible if you are planning to use your smoker outdoors for a long time.

Some of them may be quite pricey but that should be expected. Who is going to spend almost a grand for the grill and then start counting pennies on such a useful accessory like a smoker cover?

With a good cover, you can store your BBQ right where you use it on your porch, and it will protect your cooker from the elements.

My Best Barbecue Cover Selection

There are several cover options to choose from when you are shopping for the Weber Genesis grill cover or cover for Spirit or any other 3 or 4 burner barbecue.

Let’s start with more expensive models and then see more affordable alternatives.

#1 Weber 7553 Premium Cover (Highly Rated)

black Weber 7553 Premium CoverWeber 7553 Premium Cover for Genesis Gas GrillsCheck Price First option is Weber 7553 Premium Cover. It is made from durable vinyl and is compatible with Weber S and E series grills.

When you check out Amazon customer reviews of this cover, don’t be confused by lots of negative single-star reviews. It seems that early models of this cover from years 2008 and 2009 had some design problems.

Customers were complaining that this product had faulty vents on its sides that did not protect the grill from the rain. So water was collecting on the side tables and in the cabinet below the BBQ grill.

Later in 2009 the manufacturer changed the design and eliminated this problem. Only great reviews all the way since then!

#2 Weber 7130 Weber Genesis II Cover (Quality)

Weber 7130 Cover for Genesis IIWeber 7130 Weber Genesis II CoverCheck Price The Weber 7130 cover will fit your Genesis II 3 burner grill and all Genesis 300 Series models.

Although on the pricier end of the spectrum, this polyester cover is a safe bet to last for several seasons and will continue looking fabulous winter after winter.

An investment into the Weber brand cover means a perfect fit as well as an assurance of quality that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

This product will shelter your grill from the elements while looking sleek and elegant, and there are also straps to keep it in place in case of strong winds. With this cover, you can go all winter without having to check on your grill once. It will also stand the test of time, as many buyers have proclaimed for years.

It has accumulated lots of positive ratings on several different online stores. You should be ready to spend more money for this model because of the Weber brand and various features. I recommend shopping around for a lower price.

#3 Weber 7107 Grill Cover With Storage Bag (Functional)

Weber 7107 BBQ Cover with Storage Bag for GenesisWeber 7107 Grill Cover (44in X 60in) with Storage Bag for Genesis Gas ModelsCheck Price This high-end Weber 7107 grill cover for Genesis will fit your grill like a glove. Its Velcro straps provide better fit and also make sure the cover will stay in place no matter how harsh the weather gets.

This product coming from Weber brand is quite pricey, but it is possible to find a discount if you check several online stores.

The tarpaulin is made of lightweight, and durable polyester fabric that many have attested does not fade in the summer sun even after years of use outdoors.

The higher price of the product is justified by how long it lasts, keeping your grill in tip-top shape season after season.

Many have hailed it as the best Weber BBQ cover out there. If the Weber 7107 cover dimensions – 60 x 28 x 44.4 inches – fit your smoker, there is no better option for you.

#4 Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107 Cover (Accessories Included)

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553/7107 for Genesis E and S Series Gas models and Brush, Tongs and ThermometerKingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553 / 7107 for Genesis E / S Series Gas BBQs With AccessoriesCheck Price The Kingkong Smoker Cover set 7553/7107 for Weber Genesis E, and S Series Gas Grills also includes grill cleaning brush, tongs, and thermometer. It will fit also Weber’s Genesis 300 Series grills.

It’s made of heavy-duty polyester that is less likely to crack because of its UV resistant property. It has Velcro straps for a snugger and more secure fit.

This midrange smoker cover can be found online for a half of price of Weber brand covers. It is a sweet deal if you are also looking for grill accessories because it also comes with essential tools like a thermometer and tongs for no added cost to you.

The Kingkong tarpaulin is a long-standing fan favorite because of its affordability and durability, with many going so far as to say that it is superior to its brand named twin.

At the time of writing the product is among the bestselling grill accessories on Amazon, which goes to show that affordability does not mean you have to compromise on quality.

#5 Homitt 44in x 60in Upgraded 7107 Waterproof Gas BBQ Cover (Affordable)

Homitt Cover for Genesis E and S SeriesHomitt 44in X 60in Waterproof with 600D Heavy Duty Oxford Fabric and PVC Facing for Genesis E and S SeriesCheck Price The Homitt 44in X 60in 7107 Upgraded water resistant gas smoker cover with 600D heavy duty Oxford fabric and PVC facing fits Genesis E and S series grills.

It is made of heavy duty Oxford fabric that is resistant to cracks and rips. Its straps help it fit several different brands’ grills, just be sure to check the dimensions match before purchase.

It is one of the most budget-friendly choices.

The Homitt gas barbecue cover comes with a storage bag for when it is not in use. The cover is straightforward to put on and take off for cleaning. Just hosing it down is enough, and it can dry in the sun without issue.

At the time of writing it is among the top 30 bestselling BBQ covers online. That isn’t a surprise given its affordability.

#6 LiBa 44x60in Gas Grill Cover 7107 (Most Popular)

LiBa Cover 7107 for Genesis44x60in Gas BBQ Cover 7107 for Weber – Heavy Duty Waterproof & Weather Resistant Outdoor Barbeque Cover by LiBaCheck Price This affordable LiBa grill cover can fit a wide range of Weber grills, including the Genesis 200 and 300 Series, ans Spirit models.

It is in the same price range as Homitt tarpaulin and is a cult favorite because of its excellent value. At the time of writing, this product is amongst the best-selling BBQ covers on Amazon, with many calling it an absolute bargain for its durability.

If you are in the market for the smoker cover, purchasing this will be a pleasant surprise. There aren’t many other covers out there that marry high quality and affordable price the way LiBa does with this product.

#7 Classic Veranda Cart BBQ Cover (Affordable)

Classic Accessories 73922 Veranda Grill Cover, Large, PebbleClassic Accessories 73922 Veranda Large Pebble Grill CoverCheck Price Classic Veranda Cart BBQ Cover is a great alternative to Weber 7553 cover.

There are several size options available – Medium, Large, X-Large, and XXL, making this product more universal. You can choose Medium and Large for your Genesis E330 barbeque.

According to reviews, this cover is exceptionally stylish and well-built and at the same time.

It has scored very high ratings from buyers, and only a handful of customers have found some issues with this product.

Will These Covers Fit Other Grills?

While I have selected several covers that precisely fit the Weber Genesis E-330, they are compatible with multiple 4 burner grills made by Weber, Char-Broil, Brinkmann, Jenn Air, and others.

Some of the covers MAY BE compatible with these Weber Genesis and Spirit models:

  • Genesis I & II 200 Series, Spirit E-210, S-210
  • Genesis I & II 300 Series, including E-310, E-330, EP-310, EP-330, S-310, and S-330
  • Genesis Silver B & C Models
  • Classic Genesis 1000 series

To make sure you get a cover that is compatible with your smoker, please visit product pages on Amazon and read the product description, Customer questions & answers, and Customer Reviews where users share their experience.

What Are The Most Important Grill Cover Features?

When you are shopping for the cover for your barbecue, you should pay attention to the features mentioned below.

I am working on a more detailed explanation of each feature.

  • Dimensions
  • Material – polyester, vinyl, PVC or other
  • Resistance to UV light and water
  • All Season Usage
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Air Vents
  • Warranty – usually from 1 year to Limited Lifetime


There are good materials and bad materials when it comes to the grill covers.

The good materials are Polyester, Vinyl, and Canvas.


These fibres are artificially made to be resistant to water and sunlight. Being lightweight, easy dry and easy clean are bonus features added to their impressive adaptability.


Vinyl covers perform impressively in rainy season despite the lack of durability. But, I’d recommend heavy-duty vinyl ones (12 gauge) over the cheap ones.


This is the most heavy-duty material used for covers. It is also a better option than others as its durability and resistance to water and fire proves its superiority. Canvas material is often cheaper than polyester ones.


The internal lining of a cover helps lengthening the lifespan by preventing tears, disclosure and wearing out. So, it is better to go for mildew and mold resistant liners.

PVC, which is waterproof, is a brilliant lining. Nylon and polyester are quite great options too. On the other hand, fleece and wool linings can raise mold or house bugs so it is better to avoid using them.

Now let’s deal with bad materals.

I would suggest you to stay away from grill covers lined with flannel or felt. Flannel and felt are excellent materials for building mice and squirrel nests, and these critters will thank you for getting them the supplies. Soon the cover will be in tatters, and you will start shopping for another one.

Shape and Size

Before setting off to buy your grill cover, I’d suggest you take proper measurements of your grill first. The measurement is a very important factor while judging which cover to lay your hands on.

A large cover will be tough to manage during strong winds or rainstorms. A small cover will develop ridges and edges so it may tear and rip after certain duration of usage.

Nevertheless, most grills are more or less similar. A perfectly fit cover will protect it from corrosion and external elements.


For the cover to achieve durability, the fabric is very important. Heavy-duty fabrics go a long way in ensuring durability.

Light covers need to be tied down to protect the cover. So, it’s better to use heavy duty ones. You won’t have to wait for the grill to cool down to replace the cover, as it is heat resistant.

Adjustable Fit

It is very important to make sure the measurements are flexible. Too fitting grill cover is not a great choice. It’s better to have a little space (but not too much) for removal or replacing of the cover.


Straps in grill covers are a very important feature. They keep the cover in place even when it’s windy outside.

You get the best results from strong and heavy-duty straps. They give great protection from wind and prevent external agents. The straps will keep all types of living things away from the grill.

Air Vents

The ones with air vents will prevent dampness and compression. Two vents will be there to promote passage of air. So, the items inside will be fresh. They will block the cover from ballooning due to extra air trapped inside.


Grill covers with pockets aren’t exactly any distinctive advantage. But, it’s still great to have the utensils near at hand while grilling and chilling.

Taking Care of The Grill Cover

Here are some pointers to take care of your grill cover:

  • Rinse it from time to time but not too strongly.
  • A clean grill is where you start in order to achieve a clean grill cover. Dirty instruments and scraps will bring in pests and make you regret, big time. Keep the grill and utensils clean.
  • It’s best to not use strong chemicals for cleaning the cover. Even covers of excellent quality lose their durability due to these chemicals. If you don’t wash those harsh chemicals properly, you can put your health at risk too (remember, you’re cleaning something you cook food in).
  • Grill covers should be washed by hand and certainly not in washing machines. The harm washing machine can cause to the cover isn’t recoverable. Also, any tiny hole can put your whole grill machine at risk of contamination.

The key to maintenance is sincerity and care. Fortunately, prolonging your grill cover’s lifespan is a legitimately candid process.

If you’re sincere enough to clean your grill cover from time to time then the washing process becomes simpler. The grill cover doesn’t need hardcore washing anyway. All it needs is a little bit of your time and effort.

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