Zodiac Polaris 360 In-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

By | June 29, 2011

Zodiac Polaris 360 pool cleaner is an advanced automatic vacuum cleaner for in-ground pools. It is a great product to use if you would want to keep the walls and the bottom of your swimming bath looking very clean without the use of a booster pump.

Because of its amazing cleaning features, it can effectively sweep, scrub and vacuum all the surfaces of your pool.

What sets the Polaris 360 pool cleaner apart from other Polaris cleaners is its automatic pressure-powered capability that does not require a separate booster pump. It does not only save you the cost of having to use a booster pump, it can also significantly reduce your overall cleaning expenses.

polaris 360 pool cleanerThe in-ground pool vac will collects the dirt and debris – large or small – in its own debris bag which is attached to the unit. This can help lower your filter cleaning by up to 80 percent each year.

Polaris vacuums are known for their ability to clean pools in a few hours, and the 360 is no exception. It can clean your pool in less than three hours simply by installing the cleaner and dropping it in the pool.

It does not matter in what spot you place the in-ground pool cleaner. It has a smart in-line back-up valve which reverses the cleaner every three minutes automatically.


Polaris 360 has an internal back-up time feature so that it can clean the pool without interruption. As it sweeps the pool, it is distributing chemicals and heat throughout at the same time. This means better circulation and effectiveness of the chemicals in your swimming pool.Polaris 360

The unit includes a filter bag and a 31-inch hose kit. This machine is available in white and blue and a black model has become available for pools that have a dark bottom. It has a one year limited warranty which is handy should you have problems with your 360 vac cleaner.

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Where To Buy Polaris 360?

The list price of 360 is around 600 dollars but I have seen discounts as big as 200 in popular online stores. Click HERE to see the current Amazon price!