New Amazon 79 Dollar Kindle Reviews

By | September 30, 2011

79 Dollar Kindle

The fourth generation Amazon 79 Dollar Kindle has arrived.

The next-gen Kindle’s name was expected to be the called Kindle 4.


The cheapest Kindle model Amazon announced on September 28 along with Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch is called simply the Kindle.

Its price is around 80 dollars with special offers (which means you will see ads on the bottom of the screen or as screen savers) or around $110 without ads.

People already are referring to this model as to the ‘$79 Kindle’ to differentiate it from Kindle 1, Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 because its price was 79 dollars when it was launched.

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The New Kindle Size

The new cheap Kindle looks really small if compared to the Kindle 3 or earlier versions.

It is mainly due to the fact that Amazon decided to replace the Kindle keyboard with touchpad controller.

New Kindle has lost 1 inch from its height and 0.3 inches from the width. Now you can easily put the Kindle reader in your jeans pocket. I should say that it is much more difficult task if you put your reader in the original Kindle case. Which (using the case) might be a good idea to preserve the screen from scratching.

The 79 dollar Kindle is the lightest ebook reader in the market now, weighting 6 ounces. That is 2.5 ounces less than Kindle 3.

79 Dollar Kindle Keyboard

$79 Kindle ReviewAs I mentioned above, there is no physical keyboard built in. Now you have to use the 5-way touchpad controller and additional navigation buttons (Back, Keyboard, Menu and Home) you might be familiar with from the Kindle 3. You have to use the touchpad to navigate the selection on screen. There are also Page Up and Page Down buttons on the sides of Kindle.

The early reviewers that have tested the new Kindle, are stating in their $79 Kindle reviews that lack of touchscreen or physical keyboard in not a problem. Until you get the idea that you should try typing something. So push the Keyboard button and then start endless cycling thru the letters.

The good news is that there are only couple of reasons why you would want to type – searching for a particular book in the Amazon store, or typing the URL in the browser’s address bar.

If you do not feel comfortable using this system, you can chose either previous generation Kindle 3 with built-in QWERTY keyboard, now called Kindle Keyboard (available as Wifi only and WiFi/3G) or the new Kindle Touch with infrared touchscreen.

79 Dollar Kindle Screen

There are no surprises in the screen department. The new Kindle features the same 800×600 pixel Pearl E Ink screen from Kindle 3. The quality is brilliant, you can still use the reader in the sun, everything as promised by Amazon.

$79 Kindle Features

  • weights less than 6 ounces – that is 30% less than Kindle 3
  • features the same  6″ screen size while the body size has decreased by 18
  • fits in your jeans pocket
  • new advanced E Ink display makes you feel like reading the paper book
  • fast Wi-Fi built in, but no 3G connectivity
  • massive range of over 800,000 book titles
  • new borrowing feature – borrow Kindle books from your public library
  • no audio playback option – no speakers and no headphones jack

What Users Are Saying About 79 Dollar Kindle

$79 Kindle Cases and Other Accessories

There are three accessories you should consider buying together with your new Kindle.

Out of the box Kindle can be recharged only using USB cable. Than means you need a computer with a free USB port at hand all the time. It is not the most handy recharger, isn’t it? That is why you need the optional Power Adapter that can be bought at discounted price of $9.99

Second item you need is the case or sleeve. There are two popular options – Kindle Leather Cover for $35 that comes in 4 colors – black, brown, green, and purple, and Kindle Zip Sleeve for 30 dollars that comes in more exotic colors like blue, coral, charcoal, lime and graphite. At the moment of writing this review Amazon is out of Kindle Leather Cover stock, so you will have to get the Zip Sleeve or preorder the Leather cover and use your Kindle very carefully.

Amazon also offers 2 Year Warranty and Accident Protection for your Kindle reader for $24.99.

You can check out these accesspories when you click on the link below.

Buy $79 Kindle

Now you can get the Kindle cheaper than anytime before. You have 2 choices. You can buy ads-free Kindle for $109 and worry no more. Or you can buy the $79 Kindle version. The reason this Kindle is cheaper is that you will see advertisements popping up when you put your reader to sleep, and as small banners on the home screen.

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