KuulAire KA50 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review

KuulAire KA50 Portable Evaporative Air CoolerKuulAire KA50 is a portable cooling unit that can you can rely on particularly during the hot summer months. The cooling unit provides users with a new way to beat the summer heat.

It is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to stay cool whether you are indoors or outdoors.

KA50 is ETL rated and manufactured by Kuulaire (a branch of the Portacool company) which is a recognized industry brand name across the globe.

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The cooling unit uses a high-efficient rigid media which makes it efficient in cooling.

KuulAire PACKA50 is quite powerful and can cool an area of up to 350-square feet. It features a large airflow capacity that can lower the temperature by around 10 to 25 degrees.

You can use it simultaneously with the air conditioning to boost the cooling effects. Because it uses no harmful refrigerants, KuulAire KA-50 evaporative cooler will not have any negative effects on the environment.

KuulAire KA50 – Eco-Friendly Cooler

How does it work? KuulAire PACKA50 uses evaporative cooling principles which provides a natural cooling effect and a constant flow of refreshing air into hot environments with the use of a regular tap water.

The evaporative portable cooling system uses an evaporative pad – a pump that pushes water over the pads. In turn, a fan pulls the air through the pads. The water that evaporates within the pads then cools the air that is passing through it.

There are a lot of people who love to use the KuulAire KA-50 because of its ease of use. It does not require assembly which means you can use it right away after taking it out of the box. It is also cost-effective as it is not as expensive as other similar products.

Its other features include a 5-gallon water capacity, water adjustment control, 3-speed settings, automatic-swing louvers, a timer and a remote control.

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