EdgeStar Koldfront PAC8000S Portable Air Conditioner Review

EdgeStar Koldfront PAC8000S Portable Air ConditionerEdgeStar Koldfront PAC 8000S is a portable conditioner that can cool a room of 150 up to 225-square feet by blasting cold air while providing a dehumidifying function and three-speed fan. Because of its ultra-compact size, it can fit in almost any small space.

If you want to get a conditioner that is portable and at a good price without compromising its quality and features, you should definitely consider getting the new EdgeStar Koldfront PAC8000S.

Its design is simple yet stylish and it would definitely look good in any room.

EdgeStar Koldfront PAC8000 portable air conditioner is eco-friendly and it was one of the first appliances designed to meet the lead-free directive standards that have been set by RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

RoHS aims to significantly reduce the number of toxins that are being released into the air by electronic and electrical equipment. These toxins include lead, mercury, and cadmium. If these are met, it can lessen the harmful effects certain equipment can have on the environment. It will also allow safer disposal and recycling of the electronic and electrical devices.

Well Suited For Home Use

Because of its compact and lightweight, you can easily move your Koldfront PAC8000S conditioner around your home.

It also has low noise which makes it pleasant to use. This also helps particularly when you have babies at home or young kids who usually get scared of units that create noise when used.

It has various controls which are easy to use. You will not have to spend a lot of time on reading the manual as you can figure it out on your own.

The portable air conditioning unit also features an indicator light which says when you need to drain the tank for particularly when you are using it as a dehumidifier.

More Than An Air Conditioner

You can use the PAC8000S all year-round. During the cold season when air conditioning is not required, you can use it to dehumidify your room because it works as the dehumidifier as well.

EdgeStar Koldfront 8000 BTU conditioner has other great features including 24-hour programmable time and 3-speed fan with directional air discharge louvers.

The package includes a window kit (38 inches maximum) with an extendable hose up to 49 inches. It has energy requirements of 115 volts or 60 Hz; 7.9A; 840W.

Other Cooler Models

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