DEWALT DW087K Cross Line Laser Level Reviews

By | June 17, 2011

UPDATE! Dewalt has launched replacement for DW087K – the Dewalt DW088K. Review coming soon!

The Dewalt DW087K LaserChalkLine is a self-leveling line laser that will be able to provide you with precise horizontal and vertical measurements that are necessary in all your construction and remodeling work.

What really sets it apart from other line lasers is that it has the ability to give accurate reading at long distances – be it 1/8-inch or 30 feet.

DEWALT DW087KThanks to Line Laser’s accuracy in giving you measurement, you will no longer need to do chalk lines or other calculations that can take up much of your time. This is a great feature whether you are busy with flooring or doing lighting fixtures.

You will be able to do a fast, simple and reliable measurement within 5 degrees with a Dewalt DW087K. It will be easy to know if you are out of level as the line laser features an flashing indicator that switches on when you it happens.

DW087K Features

Dewalt laser level has been designed to be easy to use so that beginners will have no trouble operating it. It features an easy one button operation to make it less complicated.

You can easily mount it on metal surfaces thanks to its built-in magnetic pivot bracket.

The laser level also has a visible red laser line which is visible even when you are 50 feet away. This is a great feature to have particularly when you are working indoors.

Reviews From Customers

As far as I have seen, this tool is getting very good customer reviews. It is getting average 4.5 stars out of 5 from people who have bought this tool online, and it is very high score.

What Is In The Box?

DW087K kit and boxThe LaserChalkLine comes with an over-molded housing which is able to maintain the tool’s calibration when in tough job-site situations.

A protective kit box is also included so that the laser is protected when it is not in use.

Three AA batteries are included in the package which means that you will be able to use the tool for 20 hours. You will also have less battery changes in between uses.

Dewalt has also included its warranty package with this tool. You will get a 90 day money back guarantee, 1 year  free service contract and a 3 year limited warranty.

Before You Buy It

Before you buy Dewalt laser level you should spend a minute and think about other accessories you will need when you will use this laser level. There are two items people often buy together with DW087 – DEWALT DW0714 Laser Enhancement Glasses and DEWALT DW0737 Tripod.

Go to this article to learn more about Dewalt DW087K accessories.

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