Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wireless Reading Device Review

By | June 9, 2011

kindle 3gPC Magazine has said that the Amazon Kindle 3G wireless reading device is “the best dedicated ebook reader you can buy..” while Fast Company wrote a review about it saying that it is “the best ebook-reading device on the market.. It’s better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook, the various Sony reader..”

These reviews are very impressive. So what are the features that separate the Kindle 3G from other electronic book readers that are being sold today?

When you have an electronic book reader, its weight and size are important factors as you will have to feel comfortable as you read your favorite book. This is why Amazon has designed the new Kindle 3G to be light (weighing at 8.7 ounces) and to be thin (thinner than a magazine). This means that the Kindle 3G will be easy to hold when you are using it.

Kindle Fire and More

This review has been written couple of months ago, and since then Amazon have announced several new Kindle models – the new and cool Kindle Fire, new cheap $79 Kindle, and Kindle Touch/Kindle Touch 3G.

The name of this Kindle model,  initially known as Kindle 3, is Kindle Keyboard.

Outstanding Design of Amazon Kindle 3

Amazon also took into consideration the fact that you will be using it for hours. Page turning buttons are located on either side of the Kindle 3G which means you will be able to turn the pages no matter which hand you are using to hold the reading device.

The back side of the Kindle 3G has also been improved so that it is soft to touch and will never get hot as you hold it. Amazon also did changes to improve its battery life. A single charge can last up to two months if you use it to read ebooks for half an hour each day. If you choose to keep the wireless connectivity switched on, the battery will last 10 days.

Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device – Power of 3G and WiFi

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading DeviceThe most significant addition to the new Kindle is its 3G connectivity. What this means is that you will be able to wirelessly search and download ebooks on the go.

Because Kindle 3G uses the GSM technology, you will still be able to download books no matter where you are. The GSM technology can be used in over 100 countries such as Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

What’s more, Amazon will be the one to cover your wireless connectivity costs so you will not have monthly bills to worry about. Kindle 3G also has a built-in WIFI which can detect networks that are near your home, school or favorite coffee shop.

Amazon Kindle 3G is very simple to use. Because it is wireless, you will be able to use it right after taking it out of the box. You don’t have to do any setup and there is no software to install. Using Kindle 3G wireless reading device you will be able to download books without connecting any wires which means you don’t have to connect it to your computer or laptop.