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Looking for honest reviews for some common household appliances? Well, you have come to the right place.

When we need a new gardening tool, grill, or any other gadget, we always try to buy the best thing available in the market. It is not easy to make the right choice without the proper research. So we decided to share the results of our research and also our user experiences with you.

Household appliances such as grills, air conditioners, pool cleaners, etc. have become a big part of our lives now. Choosing the right appliance is a very big decision as you do not want to blow your hard earned money into thin air. In order to help you out, I will be reviewing these domestic products on this website in order to help you buy the right appliance.

I will be reviewing the following products mentioned below that have become common tools that we need.

Air Coolers, Purifiers, and Conditioners

Best Portable Air ConditionersAir conditioners and humidifiers are two the most common domestic products known.

Humidifiers are used to increase the moisture in a single room or the entire house. They tend to improve the air quality and lessen symptoms of dry air such as a headache, dry skin, sneezing, etc.

Types of humidifiers include point-of-use humidifiers, which humidifies a single room, and whole-house or furnace humidifiers, that humidifies the entire house.

Air conditioners, referred as AC or aircon, alters the properties of air, temperature, and moisture, into a more pleasant condition. They tend to circulate conditioned air throughout an occupied space, which remains relatively constant regardless of the changes in the external weather.

Different types of ACs include Windows AC, Tower AC, Split AC, Cassette AC, Cube AC, etc. and each of them has their individual list of advantages.


We have reviewed a bunch of best grills from Weber and other manufacturers.

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill ReviewWe are all familiar with the term ‘barbeque grill’ or ‘bbq’ . It is an amazing device that we love to use to cook those hamburgers by providing heat directly from below. There are mainly two types of the grill: Gas grills and Charcoal grills.

Gas grills mainly contain propane or natural gas for cooking. They either cook the food directly or heat the grilling equipment that radiates the amount of food needed to cook food. Gas grills are a good option as gas is easily available and is convenient.

Charcoal grills use charcoal briquettes as their fuel source. When charcoal is heated, it transforms into embers and radiates heat that is needed to cook the food. Instead of charcoal briquettes, all-natural lump charcoal can also be used. This adds a smoky aroma to the food.

Apart from the conventional charcoal and gas grills, a wide diversity of grills is now available. These include pellet grill, infrared grill, electric grill and portable grill.